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Why Choose Pocket Pussy at Pussyx.net?

Pocket pussies come in various materials, including silicone, TPR (thermoplastic rubber), TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and more.Silicone is often considered a high-quality material, as it's body-safe, easy to clean, and durable.TPR and TPE are also popular choices, providing a realistic feel.

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Silicone Pocket Pussy :

This is our new material technology. Obviously you've seen a lot of silicone materials, but they may seem to have the same name, but there are differences. After our many years of research, we have developed high-performance silicone with ultra-soft properties, and is a very safe and healthy material. To simulate the softness of a real vagina, you can buy a silicone pocket pussy here.

TPE Pocket Pussy:

I believe that this is the choice for beginners, because the TPE material is super soft and has super elasticity, so the vagina can almost meet the penis of various sizes, and it is cheap, but because the material has odor and produces oil , this is inevitable because TPE is an oily material. Is TPE pocket pussy your start?